About AMAC
AMAC’s family tree can be traced back almost 60 years ago to when Mr. Jan de Jonge, founder of AMAC, worked in his father’s blacksmith shop in a small town in the south of Holland.

After World War II, the country was greatly distressed with not enough people to harvest potatoes and other vegetables by hand, as in the past. It became obvious that machinery was needed to mechanize farming.

Over 40 years ago, AMAC built the first single-row harvester with an elevator to transport the product directly into a trailer instead of bagging in the field. Later they introduced modifications for harvesting onions, carrots, and flower bulbs. Hence the name “AMAC”, which is a Dutch acronym meaning “harvester with combination of possibilities.”

Technological advances in the last two decades have greatly impacted the farming industry. AMAC equipment is now designed on computer aided design (CAD) systems, while laser-cutters, welding robots, and computer controlled turnery equipment dominate the scene at the factory. These technologies ensure that every machine can be assembled with utmost accuracy.

AMAC has also developed a complete cleaning and grading line, as well as, rotary tillers and field toppers. AMAC’s mission is to supply the professional farmer with a complete program, developed out of common sense, and in close cooperation with today’s farmer.

These are truly the most versatile machines you will ever own.

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